Precision Wax

PRECISION WAX is a 3D printing service for jewellers, designers, modellers and others who want to design their own custom pieces and have them fabricated in a cost-effective manner.

Our specialities are parts for Lost-Wax-Casting primarily in the following trades:

  • Jewellery making

  • Engineering prototypes

  • Scale modelling

  • Product design

  • Art & digital sculpture

We offer an exceptional experience with a personal touch.  Client satisfaction, high quality results and excellent service are our main priorities so our business is open 24/7. As our machines are set to operate “round the clock” we can deal with a large capacity of production at any one time. Delayed turnaround times are never an issue for our clients. Our team is broadly available to respond to inquiries and collect orders on demand.

Please contact us for any further information you require or use our website to place an order or request a quote.


Precision Wax

117 Codicote Road





Tel: 01438-900198 / +44 (0)1438-900198

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