Minimum advised thickness for printing in wax

The casters recommend minimum 0.7mm wall thickness but it depends on the pattern. If it’s a very small piece you might get away with thinner…

What resolution your Company printers print at?

The resolution starts from 0.006350 mm Layer Thickness: User Selectable - 0.00025 inch (0.00635 mm) to 0.003 inch (0.0762 mm) at 0.00025 (0.00635 mm) increments

Can the models be investment cast?

Absolutely! In fact, because there is no ash or residue contamination from the build material and a negligible co-efficient of thermal expansion, our models are ideal for casting.

What is the minimum feature size?

Ten thousandths of an inch (.254 mm).

What kinds of materials do these machines use? Are they hazardous? What are the melting temperatures?

The materials are all manufactured on-site at the Solidscape factory in Merrimack, NH. The materials are non-hazardous. The melting point for Solidscape® Model is 221° to 239° F (95° to 115° C) and Solidscape® Support is 122-162° F (50-72° C).

What kind of tolerance can these Solidscape systems hold?

± one thousandth per inch in X, Y, and Z dimensions per linear inch.

What kind of technology is it?

Solidscape’s technology is based on the same process as an inkjet plotter. There are two inkjet heads, both depositing a material. One head deposits a cyan thermoplastic material (Solidscape® Model) – similar to an investment casting wax. The other deposits a purple wax (Solidscape® Support) that serves as a sacrificial support material for the model.

Would you be able to advise if the final piece is likely to shrink or expand from the wax part?

The cast pieces are expected to be true to the CAD design with shrinkage of up to 1%.

I don't have CAD software or knowledge of how to create a digital design. I'm wondering if I send you my vectors drawings with dimensions of what I want, would you be able to create the CAD model for me?

Our company is a 3D printing service for jewellers; we use high-precision 3D Printers. Unfortunately, we don't provide CAD services, but we can recommend a few trusted freelance CAD designers: 1. Dovydas Pocius: [email protected], 07427664852 (based in UK) 2. Alexnder Alexandrow [email protected] (based in Latvia) 3. Tony Tutty, [email protected] or call +33-784847947 (based in France) 4. Anri Haxhi [email protected] (based in Bulgaria)