Numerous times we welcomed people from the trade into our production room to hear their astonishment of the 3D printing process. It is not uncommon that experts in jewellery manufacturing are aware of the 3D printing capacity but not seen the layer printing process in action.
Unlike filament printing technique, jet modelling process looks a lot like ink-jet technology. Molten wax material is deposited layer by layer through print head nozzles, building the objects and the functional prototypes. The material that supports the model during this process has a lowest melting temperature. It is dissolved in a stirring bath when the printed model comes out of the printer.
This support wax enables the creation of almost any form, even the most complex product designs and the most complicated wax patterns. 
This whole printing process can print products with an incredibly high resolution of 6μm (0.006mm) of each layer which allows to create pieces with a virtually unlimited level of detail.
Designers makers typically start their project from a customer order or a creative idea that triggers a project. The idea is to create concept models with 3D modelling software and then 3D print it in wax material. 3D scanning can be an ideal start to the design process, otherwise the designers starts with an empty canvas or by tracing over a 2D scan. The 3D printed model can be used ones to make a unique one-off piece of jewellery or it can be made into a silver master to make more copies from a mould.
Melting the wax in the burn out cycle creates an empty shell that is filled with the molten metal. Silver, Gold, Platinum, recycled metals and more. Once the piece is ready in its metal form it is ready for polishing, diamond setting, hallmarking etc.
If you’re reading this, there is a big chance you’re a designer or a maker looking for a 3D printing service…
When your CAD files are ready, simply upload them via your account on our website for a no-obligation quote. Most items get printed overnight and shipped out the following day.
The models printed in our LAB are of high quality for precious metal casting. The Solidscape 3D printers produce extremely high-resolution items and outstanding finish, ideal for jewellery, medical and industrial manufacturing.
We look forward to printing your designs.
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