It is a unique product for designers, dental labs, railway and scale modelers, repair and bespoke work.
DaDo is the welding machine that costs like a PUK spot welder with all the benefits of the laser tool.
There is a huge investment behind this product into development and design to make the incredible target price of £3300 possible.
DaDo is also a laser READY TO GO, the best in terms of technological quality and price, protected to secure its unique properties from competitor copying.
This is an ideal solution for jewellery shops and workshops to handle repair and assembly work in-house.
Re-tipping, ring sizing, fixing porosity and casting imperfections, securing chain clasps and bespoke work are only a few applications the DaDo was designed for. 
The innovative App, is something truly revolutionary!
It allows you to have a USER-FRIENDLY interface at your fingertips. In fact, we can define DaDo as a talking welder: thanks to its voice synthesis card, it provides the operator with all the information he needs, including any error status and alerts when detected.
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