Solidscape is an American company specialising in what must be some of the industry’s best 3D printers for the jewellery industry. The machines that in particular support this claim are the S300 series of wax 3D printers, namely the S350, S370, and S390.

These three 3D printers have been specially designed for jewellers. Behind them are designers and engineers who have ensured reliable operation and ease-of-use.

All three of the S300 models print models with dissolvable supports, which results in a perfectly smooth surface after of the desired models. An additional benefit of Solidscape’s wax 3D printers is that they operate with non-toxic materials. As such, no gloves are required to work with the S350, S370, or the S390.

The S350 and S370 are Solidscape’s two best-selling jewellery 3D printers. What makes these printers so special is that they produce highly detailed wax models that don’t require post-processing. That is, unless you consider the support dissolvent, which is extremely easy to apply.

Solidscape’s top-of-the-line 3D printer for jewellery, the S Series is designed for serious production, to those who use it on a day-to-day basis is simply unrivaled.

The production printer models of the S series price starts from £24,000 meaning it definitely isn’t something all of us can afford. However, for jewellery manufacturers, it makes a lot of sense to invest in such a machine. The printers are enhanced with the newest, and possibly the best technology on the market. This not only makes the jewellery nicer, it also saves a great deal of time and, eventually, money.

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