The demand for laser welders has increased over the years for commercial use, and many jewellery makers swear by the efficiency and functionality of the DaDo welding machine.

DaDo by Freeform Fabrication, is a unique product in the laser welding world.

Launched in January 2019, it was a big hit at the Vicenza jewellery show where the manufacturer recorded over 300 sales during the five-day event. Since then, it has continued to grow in popularity and the feedback from users, goldsmiths, casting companies and watchmakers has been phenomenal.

Jewellers have been able to transfer their bench skills to the DaDo to speed up production and repair. It also helps make a cleaner repair which does not even require polishing afterward.

It has all the benefits of a laser welder but compressed into a smaller size and of course, a smaller price. The size is a massive advantage too. During the global coronavirus lockdown people have been able to create and earn money at home with this tool.

Usually, in normal business trading, jewellery shops do so much in-house instead of posting out work and waiting for them to be returned.

The DaDo is simple to use and very unintimidating. The company behind this innovative tool shares: “We were amazed when once during our demonstration in a jewellery workshop, a goldsmith who tried out the laser for the first time, was able to secure a faulty antique gold chain for a customer who came through the door. The customer happily paid for the repair and the DaDo was a done deal.”

To the request of the users, the company has created a DaDo user community where users can post questions and share solutions and ideas to support each other.

“The response to the product says it all,” the firm continues. “People are open to the idea and are mostly happy or extremely excited to have a go at this new tool and no longer seeing in front of them a big money commitment. The heavy-duty lasers are obviously still required for very demanding workshops but the DaDo surprised people in the trade in a particularly good way.

“In fact, for certain applications it works better than the larger lasers. It has fine power settings starting with a very gentle peak power which is ideal for watch repair, watch assembly, hollow chain links and various other extra delicate jobs. A customer said to us he thinks of it as an additional part-time goldsmith who can do soldering, he has never been able to do!

“Casting imperfections are no big deal anymore. These can mostly be repaired by the laser, keeping the metal pure and original.”

Check out the animated video below to find out why your business should consider a laser welder: